Take your bathroom into the future with these 4 smart features

2019 03 01

These days, it’s no surprise how smart home technology has increasingly become the latest obsession of any modern homeowner, especially given the growing accessibility to things like smart lights, smart doorbells, smart video surveillance and the latest Google Home systems, which have all proven to instantly elevate our lifestyle. So it’s only natural that this desire extends to the bathroom as well – a place where we spend a huge chunk of our time, and want to be as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Jazzing up this space can actually have an obvious and positive impact on our lives. Plus, why not save water and energy in the process?

With that in mind, here are 4 smart technologies for your bathroom today:

1) Voice-controlled bathroom lights

Already thinking of fitting your house with smart lights and Amazon’s Alexa? Why stop at just the living room or bedroom? Control your bathroom lights with your voice as well, and say goodbye to stubbed toes or slipping on bathroom tiles. You won’t have to fumble for that light switch the next time nature calls in the middle of the night, and being able to turn off your lights via mobile phone app also means never leaving the lights on overnight – and wasting precious energy – ever again.

2) Smart toilets

2019 03 02

Whenever smart toilets are mentioned, chances are you’ll think of temperature-controlled bidets, remote controls, or even ambient music that will cover up any undesirable bathroom noise. In this day and age, technology plays an increasing role in living well and living responsibly. Smart toilets also tend to boast eco-friendly features so you can be kind to the environment while using the bathroom. The e.ssential shower toilet by American Standard is one example of such a smart toilet. It features all the essential personal cleansing and comfort features like dual nozzles cleansing with massaging sprays, adjustable seat, water and dryer temperatures. Furthermore under the power saving mode, water heating and seat heating functions will stop, while cleansing and flushing still operate. Original settings resume after eight hours, so just hit the button before leaving for work in the morning and rest assured you’ll be saving a whole day’s worth of energy consumption.

3) Smart mirrors

Smart mirrors have been around for a while and can vary in function. Some of them can help adjust lighting or heating, display time, or even playing videos so you can stream the news while you go about your morning routine. Others give you control of your home system like viewing security footage, adjusting lights or even opening doors, all without having to leave the bathroom. Of course, one of the most helpful potential uses would undoubtedly be the streaming of make-up videos on YouTube while gussying up in front of the mirror.

4) Smart showers

2019 03 03

If you’re drawn to a luxurious shower experience, the American Standard SPECTRA eTouch shower head features industry-first technology allowing users to change spray functions with a touch of the fixture itself, or on the convenient remote. It’s a step-up for any user in the family, as the shower head setting can easily be adjusted for anything from a relaxing massage to a light rinse, using a waterproof remote control mounted on a wall within a 3-metre radius. This means no longer having to stand on tippy-toes and reach for the shower head every time you want to switch between the 4 different spray functions – Drench, Sensitive, Jet and Massage – making it safer for elderly or children as well.

So if you have already incorporated smart home features into your own house, why not extend these features to your bathroom as well? Or if you’re the sort who’s still mulling over whether to invest in it, perhaps it might be worthwhile to consider starting with a few simple smart features within the bathroom. After all, the benefits of a smart bathroom don’t just stop at comfort and convenience, but also stretch to sustainability and safety. What more could we ask from our bathrooms?