INAX – 50 Years of Expertise In Shower Toilets

Japan has a reputation for being the leaders of innovation. As a firm established in Japan since 1924, INAX has a deeply ingrained tradition of innovation, leading us to become a recognized name in ceramic tile manufacturing and toilet design. INAX first started gaining traction when our tiles were used in the design of the iconic Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. We proceeded to cement our place in the industry when the first made-in-Japan shower toilet with warm water shower spray and air dryer function was created in 1967. After the breakthrough, consumers came to associate INAX as the toilet innovators with state of the art technology, as well as the advocate for modern Japanese style and comfort.

Today, together with a finely honed ceramic tradition and cutting-edge technology, INAX brings a blend of art and science into sanitary wares. From that first made-in-Japan shower toilet –Sanitarina 61— to the smart shower toilets we see in homes and hotels now, it has been 50 years of innovative perfection. The early years also saw the introduction of Sanitarina F1, INAX’s first shower toilet seat with heated seat, lady nozzle, auto flushing. In 2001, INAX introduced SATIS – “The world’s smallest shower toilet that offers maximum satisfaction”. This innovative toilet with Night Light and Easy Clean Lift had changes Japanese toilet culture and received many awards including the Good Design Gold Award. At the turn of the millennium, the features took an even more innovative and lifestyle route; users could enjoy top of the line toilets in their homes with Plasmacluster Technology (air disinfectant technology), smartphone remote control and the much-hyped Aqua Ceramic Technology which features super-hydrophilicity on the ceramic surface, allowing waste to be lifted off with just the power of water. This further attested to the brand’s commitment and innovative capability to develop shower toilets that will change our cleansing habits, lifestyles and bathroom experiences.

With 50 years of expertise in ceramics and toilet innovation, this innovative know-how is being leveraged across LIXIL’s portfolio of brands such as American Standard, and these are what customers can expect to indulge in with our shower toilets and bidets.

Cleansing from the Ultimate Angle

When it comes to the bidet, a key feature in smart toilets, it is imperative that the nozzle jet sprays at a pin-point angle. Direct it at a shallow angle and the waste will get projected forward, while shooting water streams in an upward vertical motion will deflect waste water back on the nozzle. Therefore, to ensure the most comfortable and seamless washing experience, INAX has done in-depth research on the nozzle design to determine the ultimate angle at more than 70 degrees for the best cleansing experience. Water volume, pressure, temperature and spray position can also be personalized for different preferences.

Unparalleled comfort

Japanese innovation is not only about being technologically superior, it is also about bringing full-fledged comfort to uphold customer satisfaction. Bathrooms should reflect a sense of hospitality, which is why INAX has developed a suite of technologies to reduce odor and germs, such as touch-free operations, room deodorizers, anti-bacterial disinfectants, dual cleansing nozzles and Aqua Ceramic technology.

INAX quality assurance

At the heart of INAX’s modern shower toilets is the printed circuit board, the central processing unit responsible for all the precise workings of smart functions. The printed circuit board has been developed in-house for the last 25 years. INAX exclusively develops the central processing unit and system software for precision control of every shower toilet function. INAX also designs, manufactures and tests hardware components to guarantee a lifetime of quality and reliability for customers. Each product goes through rigorous rounds of 400 INAX testing criteria, 80 long-life durability tests and 30 safety assurance tests.

Peace of mind

Safety is of paramount importance, especially in the bathrooms. Care for our customers extend to every product component we develop. The materials and electrical components used in production have to fulfil stringent fire safety standards so they do not compromise on safety in a moisture-rich environment. The three pillars of safety standards –thermal, electrical and fire—are put in place via the use of flame retardant materials and built-in safety systems. Users can then go about their daily grooming and cleansing routines with complete peace of mind.

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