What is A Spalet?

Making small changes to upgrade your bathroom in a big way is not difficult. One way is to add a Spalet into your bathroom. You may also know it as the bidet, and they come in many models ranging from manual bidets to electronic bidets which you can conveniently install on existing toilets, or upgrade to a full-service shower toilet. Think of it as a mini spa that replaces your traditional toilet. With technologically advanced features such as posterior and feminine air bubble cleansing nozzles, automated seats, built in air deodorizers, and even music, you will be pleasantly surprised at this innovation and perhaps even wonder why it didn’t find its way into your bathroom earlier.

The question here is: Do bidets really clean better than toilet paper?

The truth is: A Spalet does more than just clean.

Hygiene Matters

Dual Nozzles

An extensive research was conducted to find out what females thought about dual nozzles. 85% of respondents prefer dual cleansing nozzles as it provides dedicated cleansing for posterior and feminine areas. Ladies will delight in the feminine air bubble cleansing as it provides a softer and more comfortable experience.

Dual nozzles also minimize any risk of cross contamination. In fact, with an American Standard bidet, our nozzles are also self-cleaning and made from anti-bacterial materials. Some of our seat rims are also SIAA certified for anti-bacterial efficacy and some nozzles are even detachable for cleaning.

Comfort is Key

Heated Seat

Consumers living in countries with four seasons will find comfort in heated toilet seats, and delight in being able to control the seat temperature.

No More Wet Hands or Wet Floors!

A Spalet is definitely better than a trigger spray. It provides better control in the water strength, the temperature, and you don’t even need to get your hands or floor wet. The latter is important especially if you have children or seniors in the house, as a wet floor might be an accident waiting to happen.


The presence of a deodorizer really makes the difference in the bathroom environment. With a Spalet, you no longer need to wait for stale air to dissipate before stepping into the bathroom. Our carbon filters on most models eliminate odors and provide long lasting air quality. With the latest Air Shield Deodorizer and Plasmacluster technology in some models, you are assured of air purity.

Convenience Beckons

Easy Cleaning

With the Quick Release Seat Cover, you can clean hard to reach areas by just pushing a button to release the bidet seat and cover.

Easy Installation

The Spalet range of manual bidets and e-bidets are your instant upgrade solutions if you don’t want to change your existing toilet. You won’t need a team of professionals to make the Spalet a part of your home. You can easily do it yourself!

Auto Seat and Cover

There is really no need to touch the toilet seat and cover at all when you have a Spalet that is equipped with an auto seat and cover. This means better hygiene and increased convenience!

Aqua Ceramic – ‘100 Years Of Clean’

The revolutionary Aqua Ceramic technology has definitely taken the industry’s standards to a higher level. Aqua Ceramic takes care of dark ring stains and dirt stains with just the power of water. There is little or no need to spend precious time cleaning the toilet. So you spend the time doing the things you truly love.

The upside of all these are not limited to just better hygiene. A Spalet truly makes life more convenient for you and your family and provides you with comfort of body and mind.

Now the next question will be: Which Spalet will you choose from American Standard?

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