4 Innovative Touches for a Rejuvenating Bathroom Experience

The home is a welcoming oasis that offers respite from the harried pace of life. Also, the simple and practical act of taking a shower can be imbued with comfort and relaxation — with the right selection of smart shower solutions. Now, take shower time to the next level with innovative touches, designed to restore, revive and rejuvenate the senses — all while preserving the safety and comfort of every member in the family.


1) Fuss free comfort

The shower should be a safe space to get away from life’s daily stresses — not a source of annoyance and frustration. Jumping in to shower is usually a part of the day that’s synonymous with total comfort. Clean design lines, soft hues and even nature-inspired motifs are a starting point for creating a space that eases the mind and senses.

And the temperature of the water plays a pivotal role in lifting the shower experience. For example, the American Standard EasySET auto temperature mixers (ATM) offers the comforts of a warm shower at the exact temperature preferred by the user, from the moment one steps into the shower stall. Furthermore, it’s modern design with an optional PreSET controller that can be installed outside the bathroom, so users can adjust their preferred settings, without compromising on sleek style.

Now, bid adieu to the endless fiddling of faucets to adjust the water flow when it’s time for a shower. At just a push of a button, one’s preferred water flow, water temperature and water source can be selected for uninterrupted tranquility throughout the shower, with the help of the innovative EasySET technology.

That’s not all, the EasySET shower solution features a roomy storage area to neatly hold bath products, without the need for a separate caddy that adds clutter to an otherwise minimalist bathroom. It is also intelligently designed with an integrated side hook to neatly hold a bath sponge.


2) Safety for the senses

The safety and health of clients should always lie at the heart of good design. While a blistering hot shower might be a tempting way for home dwellers to relax after a long day, it’s a surefire way to dry out skin and cause irritation especially for those suffering from eczema or sensitive skin.

And although it might seem like a good idea to take a cold shower to be refreshed in the morning and stay cool for the rest of the day, the sensation of icy cool water on our skin is just a temporary pleasure. When exposed to a dramatic change in temperature, the body might retain more heat within its core, thereby increasing the sensation of warmth after the shower.

Thankfully, there’s the American Standard EasySET auto temperature mixer — which maintains the desired water temperature and pressure throughout a shower, even if another resident is taking a shower in a separate bathroom at the same time. This prevents any accidental surges or dips in water temperature to avoid a sudden jolt of icy water or dangerous scalding, for ultimate safety during bath time.


3) The power of keeping it gentle

Homeowners living in tropical climates are used to taking multiple showers, a habit that should be factored into designing the ideal bathroom. Excessive showering, however, can strip skin of moisture and cause irritation. A great bathroom design takes into consideration the clients’ habits and lifestyle, and could include shower features that minimise the side effects of multiple showers.

For example, a shower that has the ability to reinvigorate, while being gentle on skin. This is especially crucial for those with sensitive skin conditions which may be aggravated by over-showering.

Take for example the award-winning hand shower GENIE, which provides just the right water pressure with 120 micro spray holes. Because of the consistent water pressure, the shower experience is soothing, without causing any unwanted abrasion.


4) Ensuring a top-to-toe clean

Nothing spoils one’s sense of wellness and happiness than being sick. And germs tend to reside on objects that have come into contact with ill family members: Think door knobs, remote controls, and especially all parts of the bathroom. So it’s important to keep all surfaces clean and free from germs and bacteria with a thorough cleanse regularly.

And while we all assume that a shower is the epitome of personal hygiene, showerheads have been reported to be a hotbed for bacteria. A study by the researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have shown that the warm and wet environment of the showerhead could make it a great refuge for bacteria. In fact, unwanted limescale, mold and dirt commonly found in showerheads could make inhabitants ill.

Enter the clever design of the GENIE, which includes a back cover that can be easily removed, which allows for the convenient removal of nasties in the showerhead. It is tailored for busy folks to dismantle and cleanse their showerheads with ease, thereby preventing the build up of limescale, mold and dirt which could give rise to bacterial growth.

More than just a simple splash off, stepping into the shower allows for much-needed quiet time to decompress after a stressful day. Once armed with innovative shower solutions for total comfort, safety and relaxation, bath time will naturally go from perfunctory to downright blissful!