Are You Using Your Spalet Correctly?

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Why wipe when you can wash?

When it comes to a real cleanse, the pristine way to cleanse is definitely to wash rather than to wipe.

And that holds true for bathroom hygiene, especially after a visit to the loo.
Imagine this: A wipe is like spreading dirt around till the last smear gets wiped off – not a nice thought especially when it comes to your personal hygiene.

That’s where a Spalet either in the form of manual or electronic bidet seats, or shower toilets come into play

Smart toilets such as the Spalet specialize in a more hygienic and convenient cleansing approach with automated washing. If you haven’t used a Spalet before, fret not. We’ve put together some tips to ensure that you are using the Spalet the correct way – for the ultimate cleanse.

1. Double check the water pressure (and temperature!)

Stronger pressure doesn’t necessarily mean a more thorough cleaning. In fact, it could prove to be messy, catch you off guard, and affect the sensitive skin on the inner lining of your posterior. Remember, you want a hygienic cleanse, not a powerful wash. Using the spray on too high a pressure removes healthy and friendly bacteria, putting us at risk to infection. The right water pressure for thorough cleaning is to set it low or weak. The dispensing water should be cleansing you gently, not blasting around wildly. More importantly, double check the water temperature and make sure that it’s not too hot.

2. The longer it sprays, the cleaner it gets.

The massaging function of the jet spray can be addictive, and you’ll find yourself wanting more. However, be aware that too much of a good thing may not be good for you. Overuse can cause skin irritation or inflammation. Everything in moderation!

3. Turning up the heat

Aside from the massaging jet spray, the Spalet’s seat-warming ability should also be done right. Its purpose is to keep the user comfortable at first contact – especially during cold seasons – because no one likes to start a toilet visit by being shocked by a frigid toilet seat. Then again, you should set the temperature that is just right. Don’t be tempted to max it out to the point that you’re sitting on an oven. Just like with your shower, you wouldn’t dial the water temperature all the way to the hottest end and scald yourself, would you?

4. Getting a deep cleanse

A deep cleanse doesn’t mean a thorough cleanse. At least not in the context of using a shower toilet or bidet seat. Many people may misunderstand that by making sure that the water spray gets really between the butt-cheeks, one is getting a more hygienic cleanse. As a matter of fact, it is very unwise to do so, especially if the spray setting is on high and the water is heated. You actually risk damaging the sensitive membrane in the nether region, which may lead to health infections

5. Hit the right buttons!

‘Getting the hang of it’ requires time, patience and trials. This is also true for using a shower toilet or bidet seat. If you’re transitioning to a smart toilet for the first time and are confused by how the functions operate exactly, there is no need to get flustered.

There is a button for everything associated with what Spalet is known for: hygiene, comfort and convenience. Other than the oft-used functions of the bidet’s water pressure and temperature, there are buttons for LED Night Light, water efficiency and even music! The icons are easy to comprehend. Observe the buttons first and ignite each one of them as a ‘trial’ to see how it works. It only takes very little time to master how the buttons work and appreciate how user-friendly the Spalet truly is.

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So, there you have it. Move over, toilet paper. Smart toilets such as the Spalet has got every aspect of your bathroom needs (and wants) covered. Do away with that awkward acrobatic stance of wiping and you’ll instantly realize that a press of a button is way more efficient.

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